Postcards from the Metaverse is a gallery of multiplayer 3D and WebVR experiences.

The site is intended to be viewed with JanusVR - but most links can be viewed in any modern web browser.

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Vesta - The Home of WebVR

Vesta is a WebVR hosting site. It runs in your browser and you can hook an Oculus Rift or Vive up and browse its pages in VR.

I redesigned and recoded it from scratch, relaunching in September 2017. With the largest collection of WebVR content in the world, most of my recent focus has been on Vesta, and I've moved the majority of my WebVR-ready content there so it can be found easier.

Here are my personal Vesta pages, in reverse chronological order.

# blue side links # back Apartment Avatars (2) # front Night Field WIP Garbage # red side links # front VR Vape Bar Sandbox # back Chapel Judgment Hall # purple side links # front 3D Gallery # back Avatars (1) # blue side back links The Rave Maze # red side back links Mewtwo Shrine Vinesauce Plaza # blue side end links Mall Dot Matrix House Miiverse Art Clocktown Aliens # red side end links